Websites We Love

Here’s a list of awesome websites that we love.

Japanese Green Tea

Japanese Green Tea is owned by Kei and selling various kind of green tea. Their green tea farms, the Arahataen Green Tea Farms, are geographically and advantageously located in the Shizuoka prefecture in Japan, known for growing the finest of teas. Don’t hesitate to taste their teas.

Chowdhury’s Digital

Chowdhury’s Digital was founded by Rafi Chowdhury, a serial entrepreneur, digital marketing consultant, and blogger. He helps companies like DYL, Shapes Brow Bar, Win Hyundai, Wound Care Surgeons, and Easley Transportation grow their revenue. You may schedule a consultation with him from his website.

Escape Normal

Escape Normal is one an awesome travel and adventure blog run by Jacqueline Boss. She writes about some of her adventures travelling the world, and more importantly teaches you how you can do the same. Lots of people have the misperception that world travel is only for retired, wealthy people, but you’ll discover that the best time to travel is now.

Fully Raw Christina

We love Fully Raw Christina and have followed her youtube blogging for a long time. I find her so inspiring I’ll actually make sure I watch one of her videos before I go food shopping to make sure I’m in a positive and healthy frame of mind. I find my shopping basket rather more full of fruits and veggies when I do. For anyone looking to improve their health and be inspired this is where you should head.

Random Things To Do

I absolutely love this website because it is unbelievably random and extremely funny. If you’re bored then go and check it out and set yourself a mission to go out and do 25 random things. An example of the random things to do that they come up with is “Walk up to a small child that resembles you, and tell them that you are them from the future.” Lol. You will turn a boring day into a ridiculously fun day, I promise.

Adventurous Kate

Advenurous Kate is a travel blog written by a person called Kate about her adventures. Enough said? No, seriously this website is inspiring and interesting firstly because Kate quit her job and risked alot to live the dream where she travels around the world by herself. Lots of women feel scared about solo travelling so if you’re one of them then this is a must read blog. Kate funds her travel by guest writing, blogging, public speaking and consulting which is amazing.

Fabulously Fit Over 40

To enjoy life to the maximum its important to stay fit and healthy. That’s pretty easy when you’re young, but it seems like many people nowadays really give up on their fitness once they hit their forties. That’s why I love Fab Fit Over 40, because their great advice is catered towards over 40’s and it’s inspiring to see it doesn’t have to be ‘downhill’ from there on in. You can look forward to being more fit and more energetic as the years pass.

Where Cool Things Happen

Do I really need to explain what this website is about? Ok well it’s basically a often updated collection of articles, photos and news about really cool things that happen around the world. This site is awesome because it’s like the news but with cool, clever ideas that kind of make you proud to be a human. It’s also pretty random, which we like.

Cubicle Throwdown

This is an awesome, well written travel blog from a Canadian girl called Rika. She loves, diving, eating, boozing and taking lots of pictures of all of it, so you might be able to do  them all  a little better yourself. Rika quit her corporate job to go travelling and diving and is currently in Honduras.


Menprovement is a great resource for men of all ages who are interested in self development and self-actualisation. Their guides and articles range from mind and body, all the way through to style, finance and dating. They also have a great podcast that is well worth downloading if you’re also into self development.