Try A 3 Day Vegetable Juice Detox

Are you bored of being tired, lethargic and unhealthy? Seriously, are you? Because if your boredom is stemming from a fundamental lack of energy and drive then there is only one thing for it, and that’s a full 3 day vegetable juice detox. Many people have become so unhealthy and full of toxins that the only way to ‘feel good’ is from ‘external stimulation.’


This may come in the form of something delicious to eat (a sugar and fat combination really works well to stimulate) or some trashy TV, or some idol gossip. This is all purely external stimulation and is the equivalent of pushing a ‘happy button.’

Unfortunately, although this might work well in the short term because we can get a stimulating, exciting, emotion spiking hit in the moment, in the long term is causes a desensitization of the happy button, so you have to push it harder and harder each  time to get the same response.

It seems illusively obvious that if we can ‘feel good from within’ then the need for external stimulation fades away. And the key to this is to be healthy and vibrant.

Toxins in the bloodstream and tissues weigh us down, they suppress our emotions and our energy, causing us to grasp for external stimulation. When our bodies are free from toxins and vibrantly healthy we can derive intense fulfilling pleasure from merely sitting on a bench and enjoying the moment.

Ok so this is how you go about a 3 day vegetable juice detox. For three days you don’t eat anything. In fact the only thing you do consume is water, and vegetable juice. (You can also take herbal teas and detox supplements.)

The vegetable juices should be made at home, using a variety of fresh (and ideally organic, but don’t worry about it if you can’t afford regular vegetables) vegetables.

The best and tastiest vegetables include carrots, cucumber, celery, lettuce, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower and kale. The more variety the better. You should ideally look for locally grown, in season vegetables. You can add a few drops of Stevia to make it taste nice and sweet if you want.

In the first day you don’t feel too bad, but by the second day you will start to feel really hungry and irritable. By the third day so many toxins are being flushed into your bloodstream so that your body can get rid of them that you will probably feel quite ill. Like a heavy hangover.

This illness is literally caused by the toxins that have been stored away in your tissues being flushed into the bloodstream you’re body can finally get rid of them.

It’s only when you stop eating food that your body has a chance to get rid of the toxins. I always used to get at least a cold in Winter, maybe even a couple of cold and coughs. But since doing the 3-4 day detox I haven’t’ been ill.

It’s amazing that people complain they don’t have enough time to do a detox, but when you calculate the time saved from being strong, healthy, energetic and productive year round then the return on investment that you receive is amazing.

My mentor says that investing in your health is the best return on investment that it’s possible to make.removing toxins quickly that you only need to do it once per year to see amazing health benefits.

At the end of the detox you will feel light, energetic and clear minded. Hopefully all of these things will seriously help you start buzzing around and finding fun things to do. For further reading around the subject get hold of the book ‘The Tao of Detox’ by Daniel Reid.