Things To Do When You’re Bored

A short story about boredom

There is an amazing story of a woman who was very, very bored at one point in her life. She was stuck on a delayed train for over four hours. Little did she, or anyone else on the train know that the boredom she felt sitting, waiting on that train would act as the starting catalyst for the most popular book series of all time. That woman was J K Rowling and the story that she started to construct in her mind was the story of Harry Potter.

Sometimes life can be boring, but at the same time, sometimes that boredom can spark the beginning of something new and amazing. That was our aim when we started Bored Smash. We want to provide that spark for you. That’s why we focus only on beneficial things to do when you’re bored. The only ideas that you’ll find here are ones that will benefit you, or the people around you in life.

Be creative

Every child is born an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.

Pablo Picasso

Whilst J K Rowling waited on that train she felt a spark of creativity. Her creative talent was in telling a story, one that we can all intimately relate to, and be inspired by. Her talent was leading us, the reader through the adventure like we were right there with Harry, in that world that was so similar to our own.  We all have an innate creative talent it just needs that spark of an idea to ignite it.

Creativity might be about inventing something new, like tomato and brandy flavored frozen yogurt.

Invent A New Frozen Yogurt Flavor

Creativity might also be getting your camera out and starting to snap. You never know what amazing pictures you could end up with. The picture below was exactly one of those moments when you’re not sure whether to stay being bored at home or grab the moment and go out exploring with a camera. Opportunities present themselves to you when you are ready and willing to take them.

long exposure photography boredom smashClick on the picture above to find out the story behind the picture and how photography is something great to do when you’re bored.

If photos aren’t your thing then how about video. There are some amazing montage videos on YouTube, why not take your favourite athlete, team, actor or speaker and create a montage of their work to share with the world. See if you can get to a million hits. Now that’s a worthy challenge.

create a feel good video montageThere are people out there who have gotten full-time jobs because of their video edits that went viral on YouTube. Be creative and original and you never know what could happen.

Those with a bit of a rebellious side to their character can try one of our very popular boredom smashing ideas. It requires a bit of work and long-term thinking, but is also totally funny and creative. The idea is to design a sticker on your laptop and then get in printed somewhere. There are loads of places that can do it. Once you receive your collection of freshly designed and printed stickers you’ve just got to find interesting places to put them.

design a feel good sticker


Design whatever you think is funny, but don’t be a vandal when you post it somewhere, make sure it can be easily removed if you need to. Aside from the silly stickers, try ones that are inspiring and ‘feel good.’ Your aim is to make anyone who sees it laugh and give them something to tell their friends about.


Drink from the fountain of knowledge

Knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven

William Shakespeare

In today’s world knowledge truly is power, and power (over ourselves) could be one of the most important and well-kept secrets to happiness. Sometimes it’s easy to get distracted by the barrage of useless, harmful ‘knowledge’ out there that comes from trashy tv, gossiping magazines, repetitive radio or depressing news. This isn’t true knowledge, most of the time it’s just a way for us to be amused and entertained, but it is ‘junk knowledge’ just like a burger is ‘junk food.’

Memorize your favourite poemThe owl and the pussy cat definitely went to sea.

Luckily, with the internet there are plenty of fountains of knowledge to drink from and quench our thirst for life enhancing, empowering knowledge. Some of the best ones are listed below. Wherever possible try to drink from these fountains, and not the dirty ones that may be a little more easy to find.

Get Exercising

 All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking

Friedrich Nietzsche

Exercise is fun, admit it. I know deep down you want to be running around in long green grass laughing and playing with your friends. We don’t get the opportunity all that often, working and studying gets in the way but there are a few cheeky exercise tips to do when your bored to keep in shape.

triangular breathing for 3 minutes

There are plenty of things exercises you can do while you’re trapped somewhere boring, like at work or at home. Try the exercise of triangular breathing (see above), practice some kegels or exercise your facial muscles.

Make the world better

Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.

Albert Einstein

Advertising may have had us temporarily believe that life is all about getting, but the real beauty of life is in giving, creating and working towards something better. That’s when we get the most satisfaction and fulfillment. It might not always seem like the impact one person can have on the world can be very big but that just isn’t true.

Join SumOfUs And Fight For A Good CauseThere are plenty of ways that you can make the world a better place when you might normally be wondering what to do when you’re bored. There are probably hundreds of good causes and charities in your local vicinity that are crying out for people to give a helping hand and contribute.

Go Healthy

A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings


Don’t believe people when they say healthy food is boring food. Most unhealthy foods are made from the same three staple ingredients which are wheat, corn or maize. Now that’s what I call a boring diet. Variety is the dietary spice of life. And if you have any more ideas, then we want to hear them.

do a 3 day juice fast detox

For us at Bored Smash we love being healthy, feeling energetic and weightless (see above) with boundless energy. It means we can do all the other things that we want to do in life. There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning, jumping out of bed and being excited about the day. That feeling starts with being in great health. Trust us, if you full healthy and vibrant you’ll never feel bored again.

Life is Short

We’ll never be as young as we are tonight

Chuck Palahniuk

Life is far too short to sit around being bored. We have to grab life by the horns and enjoy every moment. Go forth and explore the mysteries of planet Earth. There are so many cool, amazing things to be doing it is kind of surprising that we get bored at all. There are plenty of ideas on Bored Smash that we hope will inspire you to go out and explore.

Do something that scares you everydayGo exploring, like we did when we took this photo. You never know what is just around the next corner (or concrete wall) until you look around it. You never know what you might find. As for our friends in the photo above, well I’ll leave that up to your imagination.

Submit an Idea

If you have any great ideas to satiate you boredom appetite then we would love to hear from you. In fact we’d love it so much that we’d pay you for your idea (granted it’s a good one.)Bored Smash needs you

The best thing to do would be to get in contact and drop us a quick message saying what things you get up to when you’re bored and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to give you the nod. Then you can write it up and get paid. Happy days. People who visit Bored Smash benefit from your idea, you get a bit of cash and we get more ideas to collect.

So, explore the website, submit and idea, get involved and then get out there and get inspired to try new things and enjoy life to the maximum. We’re only here on planet Earth for a comparatively short time so let’s all make the most of it.


Quick things to do in the mean time

Swap your chair for a yoga ball

One of the worst inventions of all time is the chair. Nothing has been worse for human posture, core strength and pain free backs than the good old chair. So, get a yoga ball and swap the chair for the yoga ball. Alternatively, work standing up. Yes I know that seems crazy but this is one of the latest trends sweeping the health and productivity industry. People are reporting to sleep much more soundly after standing up while they work.

Sitting on a yoga ball all day is incredibly good for your core strength, and core strength is hugely important for good posture. Those who have swapped their chair for a yoga ball have reported better posture, deeper sleep and stronger core muscles.

Check for moustache hair (women) and nostril hair (men)

All the women out there, go ahead, walk into a bathroom and check yourself to see if there’s a nice little lining of hair across the top of your lip. Alternatively ask a friend to give you an honest opinion about the possibility of moustache hair. Find any? Go ahead and give the lovely little hairs a tug out. Someone close to you will definitely appreciate it.

For all the men out there, just go ahead, walk into a bathroom and check yourself for nostril hair. Alternatively ask a friend to check for your. The world would be a much better place in nostril hair was a thing of the past. Found any? Ok it needs to be removed. Get hold of some nostril hair removers and go to town on those nasty strands. Trust me, there is at least one person in your life that will appreciate what you just did.

Turn off any appliances on standby

Right now, get up off your seat and go and turn off any appliances that are on standby. You’ll be surprised by how many you can find around your home. Obviously be careful if you’re at work not to turn off anything important. Standby mode on average uses up about 5% of the electricity of the appliance, so in the long run you could save some money. Yay.

 Calculate how much money you could save with solar panels

Save the world and save money? Surely this is too much to expect? ‘Nayy, I shall vanquishe all ye non believers.’ It’s totally possible to save money on your electricity bill as well as reducing our dependence on pollution causing fossil fuels and politically unstable countries. That’s the beauty of technology! With the recently lowered price of solar panels and the favourable government incentive schemes (in the US and Europe) it’s now a really good long-term investment to get some solar panels on top of your house.

Obviously you need to have the right conditions (like a fair amount of sunlight per year) as well as an ideally South facing roof (or field.) You’ll also need planning permission. But, providing these are all ok then what follows will be some ‘back of the envelope calculations,’ to see how much money you could save by installing some solar panels.

Go Into Mc Donalds And Ask For An iPod

Sometimes it’s a good thing to mess with social norms and that’s exactly what you’re doing when you go into McDonald’s and ask the cashier for an Ipod. Although this is a great way to get a cheap thrill, especially when the cashier has to go and check with the Manager because they’re not sure if they’re serving iPods today, it’s also a way to keep you on your toes by pushing you to step outside of socially acceptable behaviour (without hurting anyone.) People will think you are a nutter, and that’s a good thing!

Most people will do anything to avoid doing this because they can’t handle the social awkwardness and either feeling dumb themselves or making others feel stupid. However this exercise will really make you realise how big your ego is, which is how the exercise benefits you.

Clean up your computer

Computers just like anything you own like a car or a house in that they need regular cleaning otherwise they start to accumulate a lot of junk over time. This ends up slowing your computer down to a crawl making everything you do take much longer. It gets seriously tedious working with a machine that isn’t as fast as you. There’ re many ways that junk accumulates on the computer over time. Even when you buy a new computer there can be redundant software on it that you’ll never need, and deleting it immediately reduces start-up time and loading other software.

My computer used to get so slow that the mouse didn’t move smoothly causing me to click on the wrong thins, which consequently made the computer run even slower. As you browse the internet lots of little files accumulate, (known as cookies)  and over a long time they add up to a lot of used memory space. Sometimes when you download a new software application there are other pieces of software that come along in a bundle with it that you don’t need.

Get hold of a software package called CCleaner because it will help remove all the cookies and small files from browsing the internet and it also allows you to quickly and easily remove useless software. I would recommend to be cautious when removing software though, sometimes you can mistakenly delete something that is essential to your computer running smoothly. It takes a bit of computer savvyness to realise which ones are useful and which are junk.

Make an Origami Swan out of an apple

If you’re one of those kids who used to play with their food then you will love this, because you can play with your food and turn in into something really cool; an amazing Origami Swan. All you need is a nice ripe apple and a small knife. Check out the video below to see how it’s done because trying to explain that in writing would take a long time.

If anyone has tried this ‘fruit origami’ method to make another animal or object, or used a different fruit to make something cool then please let everybody know by writing a message below. I personally want to see someone make a watermelon giraffe, or a banana snake.