Take Up Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is a health regime that can be practised daily and is a form of ‘micro detox.’ Basically for twenty minutes per day you swish natural oils around your mouth and then spit the oil out once your done swishing.

As the oils (sesame, coconut, etc) travel around your mouth they pick up bacteria and toxins that collect in there throughout the day as well as toxins that are removed from the blood through the thin film of the mouth.

Oil pulling is such an effective health regime because microbes and toxins contained in the mouth easily travel into the lungs causing coughs and colds and lungs infections. They can also travel into the stomach causing problems with your gastrointestinal tract.

By the end of the twenty minutes of ‘pulling’ the oil is so full of microbes that it is dangerous to swallow and should be spat out. Oil pulling can be done anywhere any time (well as long as you don’t have to talk to anyone.)

Some of the health benefits that oil pullers report are clearer skin, whiter teeth, stronger gums, cleaner smelling breathe, better night sleeps, lower mental fatigue, less snoring and many more.

The inside of the mouth offers a window into how healthy our body is. Because of the thin tissue lining the inside of the mouth, toxins from the blood and tissues can exit the body through this thin tissue. Have you ever had a bad hangover and felt that horrible groggy feeling in your mouth.

That’s your body trying to get rid of toxins through the thin tissue (better out than in!) People who undertake a water or juice fast detox also report that their breath gets smelly and mouth and tongue become groggy and horrible. This is because the detox triggers the body to release toxins into the bloodstream and they move through the thin tissue in the mouth.

Oil pulling helps to remove these toxins quickly by ‘pulling’ them into the natural oil which captures them. When you spit out the oil down the drain then you get rid of the toxins.

You can use pretty much any natural oil but some of the favourites of experienced ‘oil pullers’ are coconut oil, sesame seed oil, olive oil, avocado oil, sunflower seed oil and argan seed oil. A mixturetake up oil pulling of oils can work especially well.

There is another benefit of oil pulling which is that it exercises your facial muscles (when you swish it around your mouth) which helps reverse the signs of ageing and sagging under gravity. Swishing oil around your mouth daily will exercise these muscles making your face more expressive, more symmetrical and more toned.

Those who practice oil pulling before going to bed have conclusively reported that they sleep better and snore less. The airways remain clear throughout the night, and for those who often wake up with a sore throat find that oil pulling can help significantly.

It’s also a great way to whiten your teeth, slowly and naturally overtime, if you’re not completely comfortable using harsh peroxides or want a longer lasting effect. The most important thing about oil pulling is that you do it regularly and consistently throughout the week.

what is oil pulling?


The best way to do this is to create a habit around it, so if you like having long baths or showers at the end of a long day then do it then. If you meditate for twenty minutes a day then that’s a great time to do it. If you watch TV then swish oil around your mouth whilst you do it.

So, go do it now! Make your life a little healthier by grabbing some natural oil, putting it in your mouth and swishing around for twenty minutes. It’s totally worth it.