Take A Long Exposure Photograph Of Something Cool

Long exposure photography is an awesome boredom killer because it takes a long time, lol. No, seriously some of the pictures you can take will look amazing.

This night my friend and I were so bored and we were wondering what to do. We could have just stayed at home and watched a movie, but let’s be honest, that is so boring. Instead we took the chance and grabbed our helmets, heading out to seek adventure and see what we could find to take pictures of.

Long exposure photography is something awesome to do when you’re bored because you can find anything that lights up at night-time and it will look cool if you take a picture of it. This particular night we wanted to get a picture of the city at night-time, so we headed for the hills looking for somewhere to get a good view.

After some searching, and driving around on the motorbike we found a great place. Amazingly the view of the City light at night-time wasn’t the most spectacular thing because in the other direction there was a massive thundercloud that was occasionally letting off huge bolts of lightning.

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Long exposure photography is perfect capturing lightning because obviously you never know when it’s going to strike, but with a long exposure you can capture an entire 30 seconds.

Because the lightning is so bright in comparison to everything around it when it does strike the camera captures it nicely. As soon as the shutter closes (the photo finishes) you can push it again so you’re much more likely to capture something cool.

For long exposure photography you will need a tripod. This holds the camera steady which is crucial because if there is any movement during the 30 seconds then the photo will come out blurry. Another great thing to use, and I use regularly is a remote shutter release.

This allows you ┬áto take the picture via remote control. This means you don’t have to physically press the shutter button on the camera, something that can make it wobble.

It also means you don’t have to keep running back around the camera to press the shutter if you want to take a picture of you and your friends. The tripod and remote shutter release are a perfect combination and will allow you to take some awesome pictures.

When I take long exposure photos I always take a lot of pictures. You never know what you might capture. In this case I took about 40 shots in total, and I was glad I did because in this one the lightning strike happened during the same 30 seconds that the car drove past making this picture especially cool, and my overall favourite.

For those with a digital SLR (what you really need to take these kind of pictures) you should always shoot in RAW format, not JPEG. It makes a huge difference when editing the photo after and gives you much more control over the colors, contrast and impact of the photo.

It makes a huge difference. You will only need to install a plugin for Photoshop.