Re-Invent Your Hairstyle

When the New Year rolls around we all have that urge to transform ourselves. Take a new approach this year and change up the one thing you probably haven’t updated for years – your hairstyle. We’re not talking about a one-off special ‘do for a night out, we’re talking about a full on change to your everyday style.


Let’s get on with how you can make the change for yourself. Over the summer we saw some styles become breakout sensations for men and women. The highlights of this past summer style-wise were

  • The Tousled Male Bounce – This now classic look is an update on the sufer look that dominated the early 2000s. Featuring a close shaven bottom and long, almost wild top, men could easily style their hair with only a minimum of product and be ready for just about anything.
  • The Side Sweep – This was another popular choice for men since, once again, it featured a closely shaved bottom and their hair along the crown was longer and simply swept to one side. It’s a younger look, though, and not one professionals felt they could easily work into their office look.
  • Slicked Back – This was perhaps the most popular and versatile male look over the summer. Slicking back your hair a la Leonardo DiCaprio made for the perfect way to keep a cut that could be tousled while still having the option for a professional look.
  • Bangs for Women – Bangs were a hot look this summer for women, with many celebrities sporting the fringe look.
  • Swept Up and a Little Messy – Sweeping your hair into a messy bun or loose braid has always been a popular choice and this summer we were all obsessed with the look once again.
  • The Classic Chop – Of course, shorter hair in the summer offers plenty of advantages from staying cooler to being easier to manage. Miley Cyrus, Rhianna and Emma Watson have all made the close cropped pixie look a perennial favorite.

So what will you want for your look this upcoming season? Time to break it down with five easy steps that will lead you to a whole new hairstyle.

Who is your celebrity look alike? Don’t worry about finding someone who could play you in a movie, we’re looking for a celebrity with your same basic facial structure and coloring. This will help you to better envision what certain cuts will look like on you. Choose a celebrity – even if it’s a bit of a reach – and check out their styles over the past year.

Do you want to change your color? A change in color goes a long way in creating a new look. You don’t have to go crazy either. Incorporating highlights or lowlights can make just as much of an impact as opting for rainbow colors.

How much time do you have in the morning? Sure you want something that looks great when you have time to do it up before heading out. But you also want something you can tame when it’s Monday morning and you’re running 30 minutes late.

What are you willing to do? A big part of developing a new style is understanding how to maintain it. Consider how easy you need your style to be in order to compliment your life instead of being a burden.

How much of a change do you want? Finally there’s the big question – how drastic do you want to go? If you’ve been sporting waist length tresses your whole life, opting for a pixie cut may be too much too soon.

If you need some inspiration for what a new hairstyle can do, we’ve rounded up a few top notch celebrity examples to show what a difference a new style can make.


Beyoncé is no stranger to changing her style, moving from smooth waves to a more natural look and making it look easy. Her secret, though, is that she always keeps that signature honey color to make each style her own.

Katy Perry

While Katy usually sticks to a shorter cut, she does love to mix things up with color. She’s also been known to sport a sleek and more upscale look by going back to basic black and using classic styles to play up her facial features.

Brad Pitt

Let’s not overlook the change a new style can make for men while we’re at it. Brad Pitt used to be known for his flowing brown and honey locks and a clean shaven face. Now that he’s older he’s adopted a more traditional look, even sporting a mustache in recent years. It’s proven to be a positive change with fans loving his look. It’s also marked a change in his career, with him taking on more serious roles and projects – the hair makes the man?

So now you should have an idea of what you want. Gather up your pictures and head down to a trusted stylist or friend for them to weigh in. Or go full on 21st Century and check out hair apps that let you check out a style without the commitment. Make 2016 more than New Year, New You, make it a whole New Look.

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