Project Ideas

GoPro Yourself Completing Your Bucket List

gopro yourself completing your summer bucket list

What could be a better way to capture all your summer memories in one place, on one clip, than to make a GoPro edit of you and your friends ticking off one (or many) of your summer bucket list ideas?

How about mounting the go pro on your head when you take part in the running of the bulls in Spain, zoom off your slip and slide or throw a party at an abandoned house.

Making a little edit with your GoPro couldn’t easier, well filming it couldn’t be easier. Sometimes editing can get a bit tedious unless you’re already good with computers and familiar with editing software, but there are plenty of free softwares available for video editing and it doesn’t take too long.

(Looks like these guys had some fun ticking off their bucket list)

Luckily filming the whole adventure in the first place can be a load of fun. The best thing about the GoPro is that it is virtually indestructible and requires almost no technical filming expertise, (just point and shoot) so everyone can have a go.

It’s also super easy to mount the GoPro to anything and everything, so you can get some crazy, amazing perspectives without even having to hold the camera. Just set it up and off you go!

Create A Time Lapse Video

create a time lapse video

Time lapse videos are quite possibly one of the most awesomest things you can do with a SLR camera. Yes, for a time lapse video you don’t even need a video camera and you can turn fairly mundane landscapes into wondrous, mysterious arenas of bewilderment.

Time lapse videos are created by stringing together a series of photographs that have been taken using long exposure settings. You will need some pretty decent software that allows you to string together the high resolution photos that you’ve taken. You’ll also need a good quality tripod and remote shutter release and a lot of spare time.

Yep, you will not a lot of spare time because to create a ten second piece of time lapse footage (at 30 frames per second) (and 30 seconds of exposure per frame) you’re gonna need just over two hours of sitting beside your camera pressing the button. But, is it worth it? Well yes, the results you get are totally incredible.

Make Your Own Alcohol

Making your own alcohol is a lot of fun and a great way to save money. There are two ways to do it. The first is easier and more reliable but a bit more expensive. You simply buy a kit of concentrated ingredients (eg apple juice for cider, or malt extract for beer), add water to it and then when ready add the yeast too.

After a week or so the sugar will have all been fermented into alcohol. Great news, and you’re nearly done! All you have to do now is either bottle it or you can just keep it in a large keg for your own draught alcohol. Choosing which of the two will largely depend on what alcohol you have brewed (you’ll do better to bottle wine, but beer and cider is fine on draught). After doing so the brew needs a week to mature before it’s ready to drink!

The second alternative is to brew your own alcohol from scratch! This means, for cider and wine, you need to make your own apple or grape juice respectively and then ferment it with appropriate shop bought yeast (or if you really want to go as natural as possible then leave the wild yeast to do its job which usually works just fine!).

There are so many possibilities that you can really make pretty much any alcoholic drink you want. A great refreshing beverage for summer that’s a personal favourite of mine is Elderflower Champagne.This is the perfect beverage for throwing your own party, the guests love it but you won’t have to spend loads on buying alcohol.

Depending on where you live, you can also make your own spirits like whiskey and rum. This is always a lot of fun, especially when you get friends involved in trying out the liquor! Although a bit pricey at first because you need to either buy or make a still, you save so much money in the long run that it’s definitely worth it. You can make a litre of vodka for the price of 1.5kg of sugar so why not try it out!

Now you’ve made the alcohol, make sure you balance it out with our alcohol detox plan:)

Make A College Video

Filming a video of you and your friends  is one of the quintessential things you have to do at college. Ok, so you don’t necessarily have to edit it perfectly and put it on youtube, but even a little bit of footage can be hilariously funny to look back on a few years later when you all catch up again.

Recommended filming devices include the Iphone (obviously) the GoPro is also a must have device for college videos because of its indestructibility.


If you do upload it to YouTube then your mission is to make it go viral. Anything that includes disrupting lectures, drinking in lectures, funny pranks and so on should obviously be included.

The more outlandish, strange, disgusting and weird, the more likely it is to go viral, but also the more likely you are to injure / kill yourself in the process. If you’re in college then you should also try the alcohol detox. Or you can, heading in the opposite direction, start making your own alcohol.

Get A Million Hits On YouTube

get a million hits on youtube

Yep, how’s that for a worthy challenge. So, either your video, or a video that you’re featured in has to reach 1 million hits on Youtube. 10 years ago this would have been an impossible challenge but today it is truly obtainable if you have enough creativity / luck to make your video go viral. Think about it; between you and your friends, and your friends’ friends that’s at least 1/4 million people (with 500 fb friends) so it is possible.

Gather up you closest buddies and start brainstorming ideas that could go viral. Think outside the box, get yourself a GoPro and get recording.

Walk On Custard – Fill A Pool Full Of Jello Or Custard

go swimming in a pool of jello and custard for your summer bucket list

go swimming in a pool of jello and custard for your summer bucket list

If you’re thinking that the best thing to do in the summer is to lounge around in a nice pool with a cocktail then think again. I say screw ‘lounging,’ I say ‘to hell with relaxation.’ This summer is all about getting whacky, going extreme and making your own fun. This summer your aim is to fill a pool with either Jello or custard and then try swimming / walking in it / on it. Because this can be a rather expensive and time consuming exercise I recommend a smaller paddling pool or blow up pool instead of a massive swimming pool. That might ruin the pump and filter.

Haven’t you always wanted to know if it was possible to walk on custard?

You must be carfeul if you do this. It’s very easy to get stuck and if you start going down then it’s very hard to get out of there, always make sure you have a friend around, especially if the pool is deeper than your height. People have drowned a slow and horrible death in custard before (Im not sure if that is true!)

Buy Disposable Boilersuits And ‘Modern Art’ Your Home

buy disposable boilersuits and modern art your home

Bored of beige? Every once in a while we need to spice up our living arrangements with some audacious colour. Especially in the summer, bring some life to your home with a bit of modern art on the walls. Buy some disposable boilersuits and get stuck into chucking paint at the wall and pretending it’s a masterpiece.

If you’re not allowed to decorate the inside of your house, or you’re worried it could all go a bit wrong, chuck on a disposable boilersuit and head for the garage, summer house, chicken shed, neighbours house to do it instead.

Alternatively, if painting isn’t your thing (or you’re not allowed) then use the disposable boilersuits for paint fighting (outside) mud fighting, festivals or randomness in general.

You’re gonna need to order some disposable boilersuits first. Some beautiful modern art on the walls of your house can add value to the property and add energy and vibrancy to your home.