Join An Online Petition And Fight For A Good Cause is all about beneficial things to do when you’re bored so why not spend a bit of time joining an online petition and fight for a good cause? Back before the internet it would have taken months of dedicated campaigns to get enough signatures, support and momentum to fight for a good cause.

Join SumOfUs And Fight For A Good Cause

The well organized and well funded corporations always had the upper hand to push through policies and take advantage of opportunities to make profit, whether or not it was beneficial for the planet as a whole in the long term. The internet changed all that and essentially gave everyone an equal playing field.

Now campaigns and petitions can be quickly organized, articulated and spread quickly by those who care. The corporations no longer have any advantage.

This gives each of us an oppurtunity to use our ‘vote’ wisely and get behind a worthwhile campaign that can make a real difference. SumOfUs.Org is one of those online organization that harnesses the power of the internet to create hard hitting campaigns that fight for sustainability, human and animal rights, and an ethical global economy.

Not only can you back their campaigns but you can enlist your friends to help out too. By sharing a campaign on Facebook you can drastically increase the publicity and visibility helping it potentially ‘go viral.’ For each campaign that you believe in fighting for you can sign the online petition.

Some of their recent campaigns included:

Of course, like every good cause there is scepticism over the effectiveness of the petitions, and how much impact they really have on governments and corporations. I think it is good to question if and how these kind of campaigns are effective.

But at the same time we should question the petitions in a constructive manner to see if we can add value and find ways to make them even more effective instead of approaching it with a helpless and victim like mindset. really harnesses the power of the internet because any particular campaign can go ‘viral’ on Facebook and quickly pick up ‘online signatures.’

The internet truly provides a platform where the playing field is even, because even multibillion dollar corporations feel mounting social pressure. particularly when companies are involved in the campaigns, social pressure can have a lot of impact. Imagine seeing a well organised and viral campaign of Facebook to stop a project of one of the companies you worked for!

You in turn would put pressure on your boss to do something about it. Even your children would put pressure on you to do something positive about it.