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Squeeze Your Own Wheatgrass Juice

squeeze your own wheatgrass

Ever wanted to live to 150 years old like a Tibetan Monk up in the Nepalese hills eating only wild, fresh and raw food and sipping from pure glacial springs? No, me neither.

Luckily there is an easier way to provide our bodies with what they need and still feel like a healthy hippy, and that way is wheatgrass juicing. Grow yourself some wheatgrass and when it gets 6-8 inches tall chop it down and put it in your manual juicer. Wheatgrass shots in the morning anyone!

Seems like a lot of effort for one little shot doesn’t it? Don’t be fooled by its small size one shot of wheatgrass is highly alkalising and energizing for your body. It’s chock full of chlorophyll which is the compound that is almost identical to haemoglobin (the compound in your blood that carries oxygen.)

It’s also one of the most potent antioxidants in the world, which prevents free radicals and slows down ageing. So, if you have a long list of things to do before you die, add squeezing your own wheatgrass to the list and you may be more likely to finish them all.

Do this once per day and you will see a ridiculous difference in your health and energy. Make sure you dilute the wheatgrass with another liquid before you drink it. This isn’t absolutely necessary but because it is so strong sometimes the stomach can have a bit of a hard time. Especially if it’s used to carbs and pasteurized dairy.

The best combination in the world is quite possibly wheatgrass juice and coconut water and is perfect for a detox. The coconut water is also alkalizing, but quite mild and the wheatgrass juice provides the kick. Mix two shots of juice with a the water from one whole, young coconut.

Quite often, the reason people can feel a bit sick and queasy after hitting the wheatgrass is that there are lots of ‘bad bacteria’ that have grown in our stomachs because of our sub-optimal diet. These bad bacteria thrive on sugar and carbs but they absolutely hate the alkalizing wheat grass.

Although it might not be exactly feel pleasant at the time getting rid of these bacteria will really help your digestion and overall health.

Have A Complete Raw Food Day

Raw food day summer bucket list idea

A raw food day is more challenging than you think but very worthwhile. Firstly you’ll give your body a break from cooked and processed foods that don’t contain any enzymes so they’re hard to digest. You’ll have to eat plenty of fibre (from the raw food) which will help move your bowels along.

The biggest benefit you get from a raw food day is it reminds us how much we rely on food for pleasure and can help us remember to eat more healthily.

Summer is the perfect time to detox your body and challenge yourself with a raw food day. Think about fruit smoothies and vegetable juices, leafy salads and soaked raw nuts and seeds. So try it yourself: take up the 24 hour raw food only challenge.

When we eat foods that have been highly processed, cooked or pasteurized they lack enzymes and they lack ‘life.’ The more dead the food is the more of our own life energy we have to put into the food when it becomes part of our body.

If you eat a freshly picked, ripe, organic berry off the tree than that is still living as you digest it. It is providing your body with its own life energy.

Conversely when we eat some processed food like some sugary cereal that has no life energy of its own. It contains no enzymes. If you want to have an abundance of energy, healthy, vitality then you need to put food that is already living into your body.

Try The 3 Day Juice Fast Detox

try the alchol detox challenge

There’s no healthier way to start the summer off than by completing a 3 day juice fast detox. If you want to make the most of the summer with plenty of energy a strong immune system and a healthy, vibrant and in-shape body then this is the best way to do it. Over time our bodies accumulate toxins. These come about naturally as a by-product of our metabolism.

Unfortunately the rate of toxin accumulation in the blood and tissues has gotten much higher due to our poor modern diets that lack fiber, nutirents, enzymes and minerals, but are heavy on artificial ingredients. The end result is that our bodies begin to fill up with toxins and wastes that we can’t get rid off.

Just like when you change the petrol in your car, you first turn off the car, the same goes for the human body. First we have to turn off the digestive system before our body can naturally turn it’s attention to toxin removal. When the digestive system is turned off then the body can commence its ‘search and destroy’ mission on toxins.

While we eat food the body cannot get rid of any of the toxins. A detox is when we put a pause on eating so the body can focus on flushing toxins out of the tissues and organs so they are ready for elimination. This is why during a detox people sometimes get foul smelling breath and foul smelling sweat, because the toxins are being removed via those avenues.

During the three days you should consume nothing but freshly made (organic if possible) vegetable juice. This will speed up the detoxification process by delivering plenty oh hydration, as well as living enzymes and abundant nutrients and minerals.

The vegetable juice also helps to carry away plenty of toxins in the urine, as well as stimulating and cleaning the gastrointestinal tract.

During the three days you will probably feel ill, due to the shear amount of toxins in the bloodstream. However, after the detox, when the symptoms of detox have passed you will feel light, energetic and clear headed. If you want the energy to go out and complete all the items on your summer bucket list then seriously think about doing a 3 day juice fast detox.

Grow a Bonsai Herb Garden

This summer is the perfect time to grow your own herbs. Not only will you have awesome fresh herbs for cooking, but you’ll get the herbal aromas on from your balcony, patio or garden drifting around your house.

Most herbs are pretty hardy meaning you don’t have to have a Master’s degree in Botany to grow and use them. They can survive despite irregular watering, poor sunlight and cramped roots.

For the indoor herb garden there are quite a few aromatic herbs that are known the ‘purify’ the air. These include Rosemary, Lavender, Basil, Mint, Jasmine, Geranium and Woodbine. If you live in an urban area than considering growing herbs specifically for their air purifying qualities is not a bad idea.

This alcohol detox is meant for college and university students, but really anyone can try it. The idea is that for a week you drink alcohol as normal, but keep count of how much you drink. The next week you will replace each alcoholic drink with a healthy vegetable juice or fruit smoothie.

1 pint of lager, ale of cider = 1 pint of vegetable juice or fruit smoothie

1 glass of wine of champagne = 1 pint of vegetable juice or fruit smoothie

1 shot or alcopop =  1 pint of vegetable juice or fruit smoothie

You have to equal the original amount of alcohol that you drunk in the first week with vegetable juice or fruit smoothie the next week, and alcohol consumption in the detox week is strictly prohibited.

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Take The Alcohol Detox Challenge

alcohol detox summer bucket list

Check out this guy going nuts on the vegetable juices. You’ll want to hit the juices that target the liver specifically because that’s the organ that pays the biggest price for drinking alcohol. Detoxing your liver will make you feel and look healthier and stronger. You’ll get rid of that puffy, bloated jowel appearance that many students have.

Scientists and Nutritionists have found that alcohol is highly acidic in the body, which causes all sorts of health related problems, and many people think that tissue acidosis is at the root cause of many chronic diseases. The vegetable juices and fruit smoothies help to balance the excess acidity from the alcohol and return your body to a healthy pH state (the exact pH of seawater coincidentally.)

A cool side benefit of the alcohol detox is that you’ll get drunk way easier after you’re done, which means way cheaper nights out. : )


Number 16 on the Periodic Table of Elements – is one of the six basic building blocks of life and is essential for maintaining our health. Most people, however, are sulfur-deficient due to food processing methods, poor dietary habits, and the prevailing deployment of chemical fertilizers on commercial farmland that interrupts the natural sulfur cycle by preventing crops from ingesting the mineral from the soil. For more information, visit

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