Five Effective Yoga Poses to Ease Your Lower Back Pain & Relieve Dull Ache

The lower back portion of your body, sometimes called the lumbar region, can be a region that sometimes gets sensitive for most of the people at some point in their lives. If you are a person who needs to sit hours and hours during the day, or often in the night, or you move a lot, the lumbar region of your body can get affected. In spite of these issues, pain in the lower back can seriously affect your day-to-day life, swing your mood and harm your work.

In this case, yoga can be a great offer for you to relieve the pain. It can provide a great deal of preventative care for future. Here, in this article, we are about to discuss five most important, yet effective yoga poses to ease your lower back pain as well as relieve the dull ache.

  1. Supine Twist Posture – Supine twist often called the supine spinal twist. This yoga is always a class favorite to practitioners. It is an excellent yoga asana for back pain and aches, also good for digestion, detoxification of internal organs and massages for abdominal tissues. A great yoga posture for balancing sacroiliac joints, relieving pain the lower back spine and hips.


You should try this pose for 7-10 full, with a deep breath, focus on the exhale. It is perfect at the end of a long day.

  1. Sphinx Posture – In Sanskrit language, sphinx posture is called Salamba Bhujangasana. It is a supported Bhujanga or Cobra asana. It is a modified version of Cobra pose, which helps beginners ease their way into it. A great yoga for lower back pain and relieving the dull ache. It reduces the pressure on your spine.

Besides ache relief, this asana helps strengthen your spine and stimulates your abdominal organs.

  1. Thread the Needle Posture – It is called Parsava Balasana or revolved Child’s pose, is one of the most important postures of the entire yoga style. Besides lower back pain relief, it gently helps compress your chest and open the shoulder while calming your body.

While practicing this pose, you should go slowly and should not push your body beyond your capacity.

  1. CatCow Pose – This yoga is a wonderful one that helps warm your spine up at any point on or off your yoga mat. Since Marjaryasana/Bitilasana is nothing but a breath-synchronized movement. Therefore, it flows from Cow Tilt to Cat Stretch and has many different health benefits for your mind, the body as well as soul, including lower back pain.

While Cow Tilt and Cat Stretch may look “simple,” but, it is one of the most powerful poses on your mind.

  1. Downward Facing Dog Pose – Downward facing dog or Adho Mukha Svanasana has many benefits. Starting from strengthening your upper body, arms, shoulders, chest, and legs. It helps to calm your mind, energizing your body, stimulating your blood circulation and neutralizes your spine between backbends and forward bends.

If you are suffering from backache or lower back pain, this asana can produce a great result. It is good for beginners. You should include it in your daily yoga practice.

Here’s something we have described for your health, to help you to reduce lower back pain and dull ache, so that you can enjoy a happy and healthy life. You may or may not be aware of that there are many different yoga postures that are normally very effective at reducing lower back pain, but we have cut out five most important yoga poses for lower back pain and the dull ache. The reason is, yoga poses not only allow your body to relax muscles but also help getting rid of hundreds of ailments that you hardly know, which is something the majority of people simply can practice on their own.

It truly does not matter whether you have pain in your lower back region, mid or upper back, yoga can help.

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