Extreme Ideas

Build A Slip And Slide

build a slip and slide

You probably can’t have more fun in the summer than messing around in your very own slip and slide. Granted you may not personally have the right resources yourself (deep water, steep slope located nearby etc) but ask around your friends, and ask your friends to ask their friends.

Between friends and friend’s friends there are often a quarter of a million people. Are you telling me no one has a pool or a lake between you? This is definitely more of a summer project than a one day thing, but of course you can build it to suit your scale.

Of course you don’t have to build a slip and slide quite as big as the one above, do it to your own scale. If you don’t have a huge winch system then all you need it good old gravity to get enough speed.

I know there are lots of lakes around that have high banks running into them that would be perfect for setting up a slip and slide. Bring along some washing up liquid to decrease the friction between the slide and your ass. This results in you travelling much faster. Yaaay.

As always be safe. Make sure the water that you want to land into is deep enough. It should be at least your own height and much deeper if you’re going to be getting air of the ramp. Test drive the run before your go full blast down it to make sure there aren’t any rocks or sticks underneath it. That could hurt.

Build A Massive Rope Swing

build the ultimate rope swing

Building a rope swing is something we’ve all done as a child (if you didn’t then that means you didn’t have a childhood) but we can often forget just how fun it is.

Often the actual process of building it, finding the right location, getting the rope in the right place, making sure it’s all safe, is the funnest part about it. Then there’s the inevitable debate about who goes first and so on. You can always add to the fun by building your rope swing over a lake or river, which will add to the summery vibes.

You don’t quite have to go to these extremes and build such a big one but I think you get the picture. The good thing about this bucket list idea is that you won’t need much apart from a strong rope (make sure you buy a strong one)

One of the biggest problems for wannabe rope swing builder is getting the rope up into the tree in the first place. There are a few different methods you can try. Climbing up the tree is the first and most obvious choice but clearly there are some downsides like you could fall out of the tree and hurt yourself. You might not be able to climb it in the first place. The second option is throwing something heavy over the branch with a light rope attached to the end. Then you can pull the heavy rope over using the light rope that’s attached to the heavy but throw-able object.

If building rope swings and anything dangerous gets you excited then make sure you check out the running of the bulls in Spain.

Jailbreak – See How Far You Can Go For Free

jailbreak-how far can you go for free

Jailbreak is the ultimate adventure for those who don’t have too much money to spend. Well actually that’s the point, you’re not allowed to spend any money. Jailbreak is all about how far you can travel without spending a a cent. You are allowed to bring money for food and water, but the rest, including where you stay, you have to find for free or favour.

(Of course if you really want to go extreme then you can say no money for food, but usually that just makes you a tramp.) The free travel aspect of jailbreak is what it’s all about. You can hitch-hike, walk, ride, jump on trains, ride an ostrich, stowaway on boats and beg for free plane tickets. (Yes it has been done.)

Make it more fun by turning it into a competition. Everybody puts $20 in to enter the competition. Whoever gets the furthest away from the starting location in a week wins it all (or gets to decide which of their favourite charities to give it to.) You will need to try and make sure no one cheats, and people must verify their end location with a picture.

There are stories of people travelling thousands of miles by charming/begging their way onto planes rides. However it has become significantly harder nowadays because of security precautions, and some airlines are also aware of the game. They know that letting you do it this time will probably mean lots more people asking next time.

There are plenty of ways to travel, just keep your wits about you, use your iniviative and be ready to travel uncomfortably.

Surf A River Wave

surf a river wave

River waves (also known as tidal bores are created by spring tides that cause surges as they are funnelled up ever narrowing rivers. There are very specific times when the tidal bores occur, and they can be predicted years ahead of time with an accuracy of 15 minutes either side. Some waves can break for literally kilometers, with the current world record standing at about 7 kilometers for the length of wave ridden.

This video takes place at the river Severn in the UK. The exact time and days of the tidal surges can be found here.

The world’s largest tidal bore can be found in Qiantang River, China but  other tidal bores can be found in Brazil, Europe, North America and Indonesia. Locate your nearest tidal bore and find the time when a tidal surge will occur. River surfing is one of the most surreal yet exciting things you can do and is a must to add to the bucket list.

Surfing a river wave is one of the most surreal and odd experiences ever. I surfed the river Severn tidal bored that runs through Gloucestershire in the UK. It seems very strange to be sitting in a muddy cold river in the middle of a quaint village and then see a huge wall of white water coming towards you.

I would recommend looking for the nearest river wave to you, finding the right time to go and then giving it a try. However, be cautious. Unless you’re a reasonably strong swimmer it can be dangerous. When the wave has passed there is still a strong rush of water going upstream.

Sometimes it can be tiring and hard to reach the bank of the river and get out with such a strong current. Those who love to get wet as part of their summer bucket list should check out the slip and slide.

Ride An Ostrich

ride an ostrich to work

I seriously didn’t even know that it was possible to ride an ostrich until someone mentioned that it was something they wanted to do. That’s absolutely crazy, but I also wish someone would breed an ostrich that can fly, then we can ride flying ostiches. They would be the coolest form of transport ever.

Forget about genetically modified plants, I want a flying ostrich.In the future I can imagine genetically enhanced flying ostriches that everybody uses to get around (short journeys only I suspect.) Everyone would save so much time flying straight to their destination instead of around wiggly roads. There must be ostrich races now I think about it, hmmm.

Sorry, I got a bit carried away there. Yes, it is totally possible to comfortably ride an ostrich (ok, well maybe not comfortably!) It’s recommended that you go diectly to an ostrich riding farm instead of trying to capture and then mount one all by yourself. These things can be quite dangerous apparently if you don’t know what you’re doing so be careful.

Join The Running Of The Bulls

join the running of the bulls

The running of the bulls is a ‘festival’ that takes place every year in Pamplona in Spain. Basically what happens is that a small part of the town of Pamplona is sectioned off by wooden barricades and a group of bulls is released from captivity causing them to charge down the street.

For some reason men and women find great enjoyment from being in the same street as the bulls and running, jumping, climbing and doing literally anything they can to get out of their way.

The event originally came about because the bulls needed to be taken from their living area to the bullring where bullfighting would take place later that day.

the running of the bulls in Pamplona


The event takes place every year starting on July 7th and finishing on Jul 14th. Every morning during that period at 8am the bulls are let loose. There are other ‘running of the bulls’ events throughout Spain and even further afield, but the one at Pamplona is considered by far the biggest.

There are a few rules for those who want to take part in Pamplons.

  • You must be at least 18 or over
  • You must not drink alcohol during the event
  • You must run in the same direction as the bulls

The length of the run is about 800 metres, with most of the herd moving at about 24km/h. The bull run is for the light hearted. Every year at least 200 people are injured, and goring (getting spiked by their horns) also happens regularly.

To date 15 people have been killed during the running of the bulls, mostly because of goring. So, only add this one to your summer bucket list if you’re willing to take the big risks. For more great travel info about Spain visit The Longest Way Home.

Go To The Tomato Fight At La Tomatina

La Tomatina Summer Bucket List

La Tomatina is the world’s biggest tomato fight that takes place at the end of August every year in the Spanish town of Bunol in Valencia. La Tomatina is a festival where thousands of people gather together to throw tomatoes at each other purely for the fun of it.

The fight usually begins around 11am, with a loud shot marking the beginning of the chaos. Trucks arrive, filled to the brim with 40 tons (150,000 individual) of tomatoes that are grown specifically for the fight. The carnage last exactly one hour, after which another shot is fired to mark the end. The crown then heads down to the pools to wash off, or be sprayed clean with the fire trucks.

la tomatina bucket list

Because the festival became so popular the town hall of Bunol had to limit the number of participants to 20,000, 5000 of which are local to the town and the rest being foreigners. Tickets cost 10 euros and can be found online.

There are 5 rules of the festival

  1. Squash the tomatoes before throwing them
  2. Only throw tomatoes
  3. Give way to the tomato trucks
  4. No ripping of clothes
  5. No throwing tomatoes after the 2nd shot

Find out more and get tickets here

Spain is a country with a history of crazy festivals and traditions, another great one to add to your summer bucket list is taking part in the running of the bulls that takes place every year.

Find A Premade Water Slide

Why go to all the trouble of building your own water slide when there might just be one that’s already been built for you? If you think outside the box and aren’t afraind of a little adventure / exploration then there’s always going to be somewhere fun to slide down. Have a quick search on google and see if there’s anything in the local vicinity.

If you live in Australia you can try and find this one. If not, try a muddy hill after it rains, use wetuits and bin bags to overcome the friction.

Have a good look around first and if you can’t find one then you’ll have to build your own slip and slide. All you’ll need is a body of water (lake, river,ocean, pool) and a slope or winch and some plastic.