Everything You Need to Know About Growing a Beard

When I first grew a beard I knew nothing, I made mistakes, and I suffered from those mistakes! The following are the things that I wish I had known before I started to grow a beard, you could call these the core principles of growing a beard successfully.

First things first, it’s going to itch, it’s going to itch like crazy, you can either do what I did – not advised – and suck it up, power through the itch, or you can use a beard conditioner. A beard conditioner will reduce/remove the grow-in itch entirely. There are many different types of beard conditioners, but the one you need is beard oil.

Beard oil will become your friend, it will provide relief from the dreaded beard itch, it’ll prevent any beard dandruff, it’ll soften your beard so your other half will still want to kiss you, and it will also provide you a nice scent.

I tend not to use aftershave anymore, mostly because I don’t shave, but also because my beard oil is taking care of those nice smells.

So now you smell nice, and you aren’t suffering from beard itch, it’s time to break it to you… you may look stupid for a little while as your beard grows out. You need to let your beard grow for a month unhindered, DO NOT cut it, no trimming, no pulling at it as that’ll remove beard hairs. Pulling at your beard is a fantastic way to thin it out, which is the opposite of what you want, if you want to get away with growing a beard without raising too many eyebrows november is the month, you can raise money for the movember based charities while you’re beginning your beard journey.

While your beard is growing, you can take the time to find a barber, you want to find someone you trust to trim your beard, I don’t have a barber, I use my other half, this has it’s pros and cons, pros being it’s done at home, though some may relish in taking time out to be pampered. The cons… the length of my beard is dictated by my other half, too often they’ll trim just a little too much… I highly advise finding a barber.

After a month, visit your barber, they’ll be able to advise what’s best for your beard, how you should be wearing it, your barber will become your friend, you’ll need to trust them with your beard, they’ll also become your therapist. So, when you’re searching for your barber bear these things in mind.

So, we’ve got beard oil, time and trimming handled. We’re not done. While your beard is growing you need to wash it, a good beard shampoo is really all you need, you can’t use your head and shoulders on your beard as it has the opposite effect of what you want, with your beard, your skin can only produce so much of its natural oils, so a beard shampoo will clean your beard without stripping away those oils, whereas your hair shampoo will strip those oils away, promoting that dreaded beard itch!

So, make sure to find a good quality beard shampoo, you can also get a beard conditioner wash, there are many beard conditioner washes, I use one, but you’ll find that your beard oil will do the job just fine after your shower, so this is entirely optional.

Once your beard gets over a month old, i.e., a few inches of growth I recommend that you include beard balm into your routine, I personally take a thumbnail size dollop of beard balm, add in around 10 drops of beard oil, mix the two together then apply them to my beard, my beard is left soft, smelling great and healthy. I love beard balm, it keeps my beard incredibly soft as the wax sticks to the beard hair and conditions your beard throughout the day.

That’s really all you need to grow a beard successfully, just keep washing and caring for your beard, and it’ll look great, make sure to experiment with different beard oils, balms, etc. and different scents, I have a variety of beard oils and I choose the scent I feel like using on the day. Normally matching my scent to my mood.

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