The Current State of HGH Supplementation Today

HGH, Human Growth Hormone, has gone through tremendous transformations over the last two decades. First used by seniors as an anti-aging elixir it’s now very popular as a performance enhancement tonic by athletes of all ages.

Are the benefits of human growth hormone real? Some say they are. However, HGH is not an end all and the be all. People looking for a tremendous kick in energy and vitality will likely be disappointed. The reality is that HGH is simply a good general tonic.

Reports from users say that everything seems to be 10%-20% better. Most people feel increased energy, better sleep, easier digestion, increased libido, quicker recuperation, etc. Some people tell us that they really feel and enjoy the 10%-20% benefits. Some people don’t. For a baseball pitcher, a 10%-20% increase on a 90 mph fastball might mean the difference between a contract or not. This is true for all athletes. For some it might just be a psychological boost. If they believe they are increasing their performance, they actually might be.

Stage actors, in particular, describe to us an increase in the “glow” of their skin under the lights. The main thing that everyone reports is that they usually use it for one specific reason and soon discover that it helps them in many other areas they hadn’t anticipated.

The main reason HGH use currently has a “dark cloud” over it is because it has been unfairly linked with steroid use. Those using steroids have found that combining HGH with steroids makes steroid effects that much greater. Steroids bad, hormones good.

Three Growth Hormone Delivery Systems

  1. Injected HGH is the most potent way to get human growth hormone into the body. A doctor’s prescription is required and it’s very expensive. The only known side effects are due to improper dosing.
  2. Homeopathic HGH oral sprays are not as potent as injected HGH but the cost of the product is far less. It’s undetectable in a blood test and is easy to use. There are no known negative side effects with the use of any homeopathic remedy. It might not work at all, but there are no side effects, and for this reason most products come with a full money back guarantees. 21st Century HGH has been selling this product since February of 2000.
  3. “HGH” pills can be very misleading. You can’t put HGH in a pill so even though the label may say “e-hgh,” “HGH Precursor,” “HGH Secretagogue,” etc., there is absolutely no HGH in these products. Read the ingredients! There are no side effects but whatever benefits you realize will slowly vanish after a month or two as your body adapts to the overstimulation of the pituitary gland which no longer produces additional HGH.

Is it Legal?

There has been quite some confusion as to whether oral sprays are legal or illegal as they are sold without a prescription over the Internet. The FDA never approves any single vendor of HGH. Generally, the FDA “allows” the sale of homeopathic HGH because the amount of real pharmaceutical HGH is so small as to be negligible and so it conforms to FDA homeopathic guidelines.  It’s a “gray area” where the FDA neither “approves” homeopathic HGH nor “disapproves” it.

However, the labs that manufacture the homeopathic products are FDA inspected. The labels on these products conform to FDA specifications and the labels are monitored by the FDA. If they were illegal, the FDA would not allow them out the door.

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