Create Your Very Own Personal Website

Having your own website is awesome because whenever you do get bored you can just log on (anywhere in the world with an internet connection) and start designing, writing and connecting with other people and other websites. Literally whenever you get bored just go and write an article of post a cool picture.

Maybe you’ve got a special skill that you know could help a lot of other people in their lives. Well the power of the internet exponentially increases the impact you can have by making your skill and knowledge accessible to literally billions of people who right now are searching for the exact things you hold in your head.

If you love music then why not create a website about your favourite new artists and your favourite music at the moment. As your website grows you will have more and more influence and leadership.

You might even get Artists that are trying to ‘breakthrough’ sending you their music to critic and promote. There is literally a whole other world out there that is waiting for your voice but no one can hear you speak until you have your own website.

If you’ve always wanted to have a positive impact on the world, running your own website is one of the most effective ways to go about it. Aside from the altruistic aspect of owning your own website it’s a great way to show case your own creative talent.

Your own website can even act as an on-line resume that helps potential employers get to know and trust you. It’s shows you’re a proactive, positive, initiative taking and influential person

Building a website isn’t hard at all either. Many people have the misconception that elaborate computer skills are needed to even set it up but the truth is that if you can use Microsoft Word ┬áthan you should have absolutely no worries. This is all because of an amazing free software called WordPress.

WordPress is, in my opinion, the most amazing software I’ve ever used. It’s like the Wikipedia of building websites because it’s totally free and it’s easy to use because all of the computer code has been written for you.

So what are the downsides of running a website? Well there are a few expenses. The main expense is that you need someone to ‘host’ your website. This means they store all the files (like the articles, pictures and designs) and when someone types your website in then they send the files to that person so they can see your website.

Apart from this the only other cost is to register the name of the domain. This costs about $10 a year, so it’s almost nothing. I think that everyone should own the domain of their own name. Unfortunately if you have a popular or common name then it’s probably already been taken. Maybe you can use a nickname or pseudonym.

Once you register the domain name and get hosting for your website there are no other costs. You can buy ‘themes’ for your website but that’s just like buying some fancy clothes when the normal clothes are free.

It’s not necessary at all but you can do if you want to get all fancy. You can quickly and easily share your website on Facebook or Twitter and start building a following.